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This reading list is sponsored by Lulu.What is Love

What Is Love? No. 1 by Art Impact International

What Is Love? provides a platform to discuss and circulate the idea of love according to the artists of our modern day culture via mixed media paintings, photography, fiber art, and spoken word videos.

Art Kleinman, Structure and Chaos: A Delicate Balance by John Himmelfarb

Art Kleinman, Structure and Chaos: A Delicate Balance is the catalogue for exhibition at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art (UIMA), Chicago, which preserves and promotes contemporary art as a shared expression of the Ukrainian and American experience.

Linda Dubin Garfield: An Artist’s Life by Linda Dubin Garfield

This book shares the work of Linda Dubin Garfield, who is a Philadelphia artist who creates colorful works on paper that combine traditional printmaking, mixed media, and digital technology inspired by her love of travel, the mystery of memory,  the magic of place.

Black and White Minimalism Magazine 38 by Black and White Minimalism Magazine

Black and White Minimalist Magazine 38 is a professional gateway to discover the magnificent black and white minimalist photography.

A Celebration of Black Art by Quantice Appleton

From ancestral connections to contemporary expressions, Quantice celebrates the contributions of Black artists who have shaped, and continue to shape, the artistic landscape.

Black Marks – A Graphic Anthology by J. Daniel Abel

This book is a graphic anthology of artist J. Daniel Abel and contains prints that are bold, choppy, and uncompromising

Ritual – Bhutan by Peter Eastway

Ritual – Bhutan is a book of rare and intimate photographs recording ritual aspects of life in the exotic Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan, by world-renowned professional photographer Peter Eastway.

Intimate Isolation: A Photogenic Journey Through Nature by Jeremy Janus

Intimate Isolation is a collection of the best photos and their stories from the first five years of photography from award-winning nature photographer Jeremy Janus.

Prairie Madness by Ernest Nitka

Prairie Madness is a photo book about the beauty of the prairie.

Deanna Durbin in Fashion: Book One by Alice Lorence and Sylvia Sinclair

Deanna Durbin in Fashion is a concise, illustrated book featuring a small selection of black and white fashion photographs of the classical singer and actress Deanna Durbin – modelling the elegant designs of the 1930s and 1940s.


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