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Black Music IsThis reading list is sponsored by Lulu.

Black Music Is by Marcus Amaker and Nathan Durfee

Black Music Is, is a poetic love letter to Black music and history, through the ears of Bebop the cat; it is perfect for readers looking to learn more about music and sharpen their knowledge of Black history.

A is for Apperdoo by John Barkhimer Jr. 

A is for Apperdoo allows you to take a rhythmic trip with your little one and discover the power of the imagination – as you bump into a Lingendue, Treestope, and many other magnificent and colorful animals.

Pasta Sunday by Kristine Ramkowsky and Kateryna Cherniavska

This book tells the story of Marie who only wanted to learn of her family’s pasta tradition, but she is faced with chaos when the family pets have other ideas.

The Little Alphabet Foodie by Ciara Turner

This children’s book introduces the word foodie to little learners by going through the alphabet and teaching them about different foods that your family can enjoy.

The Magic in Me: An Educational Workbook About Mindfulness, Diversity, and Compassion by Rachel O’Hagan and Jaime Pye 

Throughout this book, readers will learn about a young boy’s journey with a rare disease called Spinal Muscle Atrophy and will discover that they, too, are magic.

Can I Have a Sandwich? by Tina Modugno

Peanut butter and jam, grilled cheese, roast beef on rye, these are just a few of the many sandwiches that exist; this book asks readers to help Oreo pick which sandwich to choose.

Pickles!: The Bindlestiff Kid Show by Ramon Abad and Dino Ignacio

This book contains the original stories written by three young kids that Filipino American puppeteer Ramon Abad commissioned and a cast of Bindlestiff artists and puppeteers have brought to life.

What is Kindness? by Jenna Dawson and Farida Aini Erwin

Follow three curious kiddos as they adventure to discover what it means to be kind.

Cosmic Garage by James Churchill

When Ellie and Zac come to stay with their Grandfather at his run-down 1950’s gas station in the middle of the Nevada desert, they soon discover there’s more than just spare parts in the garage.

Peggy’s Piggy Bank: The Power of Saving Money by Ryan Osborn

Join Penny as she tackles extra chores to earn her first savings, resists the temptation of immediate gratification, and learns to value her hard-earned money.


This reading list is sponsored by Lulu, an industry-leading book publisher dedicated to making the world a better place, one book at a time, through sustainable practices, innovative print-on-demand products and a commitment to excellent service. Learn more about Lulu here.




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