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This reading list is sponsored by Lulu.

Wasteland BestiaryWasteland Bestiary by Shia

Wasteland Bestiary is fully illustrated bestiary drawn by the wasteland explorers Shia and Turtle as they try to categorize and document the strange forms of life raising up in post apocalyptic West Virginia

El Sketchbook Lorenzo Deluxe Collection Part 3: 2014 – 2018 by Lorenzo Etherington

Packed with thousands additional designs, sketches, concepts, illustrations and comics, this third part of the Deluxe Collection trilogy may well be the most jam-packed explosion of art yet!

Twilight Monk: Secrets of Kung Fulio Illustrated by Trent Kaniuga and Chris Krubeck

With no fighting ability whatsoever, but a whole lot of gusto, Raziel Tenza and Rin Torra embark on an epic martial arts adventure in search of a shortcut to the ultimate badass Kung Fulio power of their ancestors

The Gray Old Trees Volume One by Tim Huggins

The Gray Old Trees is a weekly web-comic that chronicles the daily life of a little dragon who lives in the woods; this volume contains the first 100 strips.

Chicken Nibbles: Cartoons About Backyard Chickens by Alan Corbett

The cartoons in Chicken Nibbles will give you a good idea of the realities of keeping chickens- but in a humorous way.

Mail Ninja by Caylee Huckabay

This short comic tells a story of a gal named Hannah trying to show appreciation to her mail man for his good service, but little did she know how hard it is to cross paths with him.

Shorts: Phase 7 #022 & #023 by Alec Longstreth

From 2004 to 2012, Alec Longstreth created a dozen short comics for a variety of anthologies; these hard-to-find comics have now been collected in this volume, along with two all-new shorts.

Bagel Soup: Stirring the Pot by David Koesters

Bagel Soup is collection that has something for everyone to laugh at and be mildly offended over.


This reading list is sponsored by Lulu, an industry-leading book publisher dedicated to making the world a better place, one book at a time, through sustainable practices, innovative print-on-demand products and a commitment to excellent service. Learn more about Lulu here.

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