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This reading list is sponsored by Lulu.

Craftsman CreativeCraftsman Creative by Daren Smith

Craftsman Creative shares the principles and frameworks that help artists, creators, and entrepreneurs become successful business owners.

Cricut Joy Guide by Sweet Red Poppy

Did you just purchase a Cricut Joy and are now thinking, how do I use this machine? Wish you had the confidence to take on any project? Do this and MORE with Sweet Red Poppy’s Cricut Joy Guide printed book.

52 Weeks of Awesome Leadership by Michelle Loch

Whether you lead a large organization, small team, community group, or a family, this book will provide you with useful leadership ideas, challenge your thinking, help you develop awareness around your leadership style and keep you focused on your leadership growth and development.

Idioms for Entrepreneurs by Jeremy Skoog

In this book, successful entrepreneurs translate important entrepreneurial knowledge for you in the form of memorable idioms.

Women Who Lead by Charlene Helm and Noelle McGough

Women Who Lead is an easy-to-read guide offering tips to achieve your dreams – straight from successful female mentors who will show you the process.

The Secret Life of Speaking Up Prequel: 30 Tiny Speaking Adventures by Angela Lussier

The Secret Life of Speaking Up Prequel: 30 Tiny Speaking Adventures — by Angela Lussier, award-winning speaker, five-time author, TEDx presenter, and Speaker Sisterhood founder — will help women see that they do have a voice, that their voice matters and using it is empowering.

The Toolbox of Innovation by Jen Choi and Allison Khaw

This lively, playful gamebook, written in a choose-your-own-adventure style, puts the reader in the driver’s seat and takes you on an imaginary journey of exploration – with the goal of uncovering the process of innovation.

Personal Astrological Almanac by Honeycomb Collective

The Personal Astrological Almanac is a custom-made planner and ephemeris, with transit data specific to the owner’s natal chart, in addition to the mundane transits affecting us all.


This reading list is sponsored by Lulu, an industry-leading book publisher dedicated to making the world a better place, one book at a time, through sustainable practices, innovative print-on-demand products and a commitment to excellent service. Learn more about Lulu here.

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