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This site is hosted by the Nonfiction Authors Association, a vibrant community where writers to learn how to write, publish, promote, and prosper with nonfiction books.

The mission of the Nonfiction Book Club is connect nonfiction readers with great books and the authors who write them.

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Calling All Nonfiction READERS
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Our Story

We have served nonfiction writers since the birth of the Nonfiction Writers Conference in 2010, followed by the Nonfiction Authors Association in 2013.

After growing frustrated by the lack of attention given to nonfiction writers at typical writers’ conferences and events, founder and CEO Stephanie Chandler decided she wanted to give nonfiction writers a safe space to connect and learn (and she was shocked to realize that didn’t yet exist).

Meanwhile, Stephanie started a Nonfiction Book Club group on Facebook, just for fun! It has since grown to almost 6,000 members, so it only made sense to follow that with an actual site to showcase nonfiction books. As a result, the Nonfiction Book Club was born in early 2023.

This site allows us to connect readers with great nonfiction books and the authors who write them.

We are glad you’re here and hope you will take time to explore all the free content on this site.

Meet the Team

Amberly Finarelli, Editor in Chief

Amberly Finarelli has worked in the publishing industry since 2007 as a literary agent and freelance editor and writer. Since 2010, she has worked with the Nonfiction Authors Association and Authority Publishing, wearing a variety of hats from project manager to editor to blog content creator. In 2022, she became the editor-in-chief of the Nonfiction Book Club site.  

Stephanie Chandler, CEO

In 2010, nonfiction book writer and reader Stephanie Chandler launched the first ever Nonfiction Writers Conference, hosting the 3-day event entirely online. This was long before online events became so popular. Three years later, she founded the Nonfiction Authors Association, a community dedicated to helping writers write, publish, promote, and profit with nonfiction books. A former bookstore owner and author herself, Stephanie saw a need for an online magazine dedicated to reviewing and promoting nonfiction books. The result is this site, the Nonfiction Book Club, born early 2023.

2023 Stephanie Chandler

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