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Carol-AbrahamsonAuthor Name:

Carol Abrahamson


Multi-award-winning family of 5 books:

  • Which Type To Write? 77 Book Types For Building Your Business & Brand (Including 26 That Require Less Writing)
  • Teach What You Know: 111 Types of How-To Books For Building Your Business & Brand (Including 32 That Require Less Writing)
  • Fast-Track Your Book! 222 Book Types For Building Your Business & Brand That Require Less Writing
  • Getting Started On Your Book: 666 Book Types For Building Your Business & Brand (Including 222 That Require Less Writing)
  • The Big 4: The Essential Strategic Decisions & Worksheets For Your Business-Building Book

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What are your books about?

This multi-award-winning family of five workbooks helps executive authors answer the ever-looming question, what kind of business-building book shall I write? (77 Types is free at As author of 25+ books – the first of which brought her one-person business over $2 million in consulting revenues and industry-leader status – and founder of Executive Authors, Carol’s 5 recent books anchor her work to bring executives (with or without a publisher) notable book-driven business growth results via her workbooks, consulting and mastermind groups. She’s the business and growth strategist every author needs who’s hoping for game-changing business results from their book.

What inspired you to write your books?

Because my first book did so astoundingly well, hundreds of business authors who had meager (if any) growth results from their book sought my advice. I saw a common problem in all their books and similar weakness in their book teams, so I started Executive Authors and wrote these 5 books to fix that. Just as a children’s book won’t hit the mark with kids unless someone on the team knows how kids think, the same is true for business-building authors: Without someone on the team who knows about business & growth requirements, their book isn’t likely to be a business-builder.

If you have a business related to your books, tell us about it:

After writing 25+ books about my expertise in three industries, I started Executive Authors to help bring executives (with or without a publisher) notable book-driven business growth results via workbooks, consulting and mastermind groups. I augment and complement their publishing team in two ways that can make or break getting business results from their book: (1) by getting their book structured properly to produce their SPECIFIC desired business growth results before that team starts working. And (2) after the writing has begun, I help modify their business to maximize the book’s impact on it while also generating those desired results.

What is a typical day like for you?

No two are alike, but emails, Zoom calls, client work, reading and research for the next books, writing marketing messages … you know the drill. Best part is time spent with the dogs in the household.

What do you most enjoy about what you do?

Making a huge difference in people’s lives by bringing them and their work into the limelight – showing them how to become rich (and sometimes famous!) for their important work and expertise – which I loved doing for corporate executives for three decades and am thrilled to keep doing for authors for almost 2 more. (Yes, I’ve been in the game for 50 years!)

What are some favorite books you’d recommend to our readers?

Everything by Malcolm Gladwell and Dan Pink.

What advice do you have to offer our readers?

If you want your book to be a business-builder, be sure to have a business and growth expert structure your book properly so it’s aligned with your desired business results and then modify your business so it’s the best possible environment for your book to work its magic on.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?

Two facts: Steve Jobs was my 1st consulting client (I was 33, he was 30), and I took a year off to go to chef’s school after my 40th bday and then taught part-time at a new chef school.

What’s next for you?

For Executive Authors, 15 new versions of my 77 Types book for aspiring executive authors in as many industries are almost finished. And for my new company Nonfiction Author Resources, a summer release of five new workbooks, consulting and masterminds to help authors without a business or nonprofit to build (i.e., executives within organizations or building their legacy career brand) to create an influential nonfiction book. And in the fall, I start another new business of books, courses and services to help experts and thought leaders build lucrative businesses — apart from authoring a book — through nearly 300 proven income streams that leverage their expertise plus a dozen other topics essential for their success. THIS is the year projects in the works for a decade all blossom at once!

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