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Melanie Herschorn

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Make a Big Impact with Your Book: Author Marketing Strategies for Long-Term Success

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Mission Possible Media, published Oct. 2023

What is your book about?

Effective marketing strategies for nonfiction and children’s book authors.

What inspired you to write your book?

I was inspired to write my book by all the amazing offers that I have met over the past several years in my work. It was becoming clearer and clearer to me that there really are so many amazing authors who have spent so much time, effort, and money creating a book that they really hoped would make a difference in the world either financially or impact-wise and they really have not been able to do so because they were missing the vital piece: marketing. Marketing helps create more opportunities for people because it allows more ideal readers to get to know you and understand what it is that you offer.

Can you describe your writing process? How did you get your book written and how long did it take?

I wish I could say that my writing process was quick and easy. But the truth is it took me a long time to get this book out of my head and on paper. I started writing about two years prior to publishing. I had an outline and on a work trip, I was able to carve out time to begin pouring my ideas into each chapter. But when I came home, I hit a roadblock in terms of time. It took me a while after that to really sit down and finish it. And then of course, once I was finished writing, I then had to do the editing and the proofreading and each time it had to reread the book. It was a whole two-year process really.

What was your publishing process like? How did you publish your book and how long did it take?

My publishing process, unfortunately, was not as linear as I would have hoped. Originally I had selected a hybrid publisher that I was going to work with. But when it became very clear that I was not going to be able to work with them any longer for various reasons, I opted to self-publish under my own imprint. And I’m actually really glad that I did because self-publishing under my own imprint gave me the flexibility that I was looking for to be able to help other authors publish as well. Once I made that pivot, the total process was not very long at all. It was about two months between the time I decided that I was going to publish under my own imprint till the time that my book was ready for sale.

How do you hope your book impacts the world?

I truly hope that my book energizes and supports would-be authors who are feeling that getting your book out in the world is such a daunting task and they would rather not do it at all. There are so many important messages, missions and ideas that can be shared in a book. But once they are in a book, the book has to be shared too. So many people don’t know that writing and publishing a book is not what gets it into the hands of their ideal audience. It’s the marketing and promotion piece that really moves the needle. So my wish is that this book inspires new authors as well as authors who have published years ago and didn’t get any traction to feel empowered to be able to make a difference with their book through the marketing.

Are there any people and/or books that have inspired you along your journey?

I have always been inspired by other authors. One that I’m going to call out is Bob Burg, who is the co-author of The Go-Giver. It’s a parable and it is also such a moving, easy-to-read book. And when I read it, I felt so inspired not only as an entrepreneur, but also as a would-be author.

What’s next for you?

My company is growing. We are a now publisher and a book marketing house, all in one. So we are able to help professionals, business owners, consultants, and speakers who know that they want to write a book because they want to share their message. We’re able to help them with increase their impact, influence, and income with book writing, editing, publishing and bespoke marketing services.

What advice would you offer fellow authors who are just getting started?

The advice I would offer to fellow authors who are just getting started is start marketing now. You may only have a few words on the page, but that’s okay because you have your overall mission and that is going to get your ideal audience involved so that by the time you do publish your book, you are going to have a whole group of readers eager and willing to buy it.

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