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Tony Jeton Selimi

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A Path to Excellence

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Balboa Press – A Division of Hay House, published 28 July 2022.

What is your book about?

A Path to Excellence: The Blueprint to Achieving Your Greatest Potential is a distinguished book that provides readers with essential tools to overcome mental and emotional barriers, strengthen their capabilities, improve their leadership and management skills, and show them a way out of living an average life. It invites individuals to participate in a personal self-inquiry process to help them understand their full capabilities. Its thought-provoking content is informative and profound, making this book a must-read for people from all professional backgrounds, including academics, business owners, leaders, and anyone working in the field of human development. The book presents valuable insights into the science of modifying one’s mindset to achieve excellence. The book is designed to guide the readers towards their path of excellence, making it an essential tool for personal and professional development.

What inspired you to write your book?

Writing A Path to Excellence was inspired by my lifelong journey of personal and professional discovery and growth. Human potential has always fascinated me – our ability to transform, adapt, and continually transcend our boundaries. Over the years, my experiences as a senior chief information officer managing people and billion-dollar technology transformation programs and as a transformational life coach, leadership consultant, executive coach, and mentor revealed a common thread – a quest for excellence in individuals and organizations alike. Yet, achieving excellence seemed to be an elusive goal for many.

I felt a compelling need to demystify this path to excellence and turn it into a reachable destination for every person who dares to undertake the journey. This book is my attempt to empower individuals, providing a roadmap to navigate this journey. Countless stories of grit and perseverance, triumphs and failures inspired it. Observing real-life experiences fueled my desire to give people a practical guide that connects deeply with their unique circumstances and visions of success.

My hope for A Path to Excellence is to ignite a spark within readers to pursue their highest potential and turn it into reality, regardless of their starting point. This book is my humble contribution to a world that can be one where each person truly realizes and lives up to their inherent potential.

Can you describe your writing process? How did you get your book written and how long did it take?

My writing process for A Path to Excellence was anchored by discipline, meticulous planning, and an openness to let the process evolve organically. It began with an in-depth brainstorming phase where I mapped out the key domains I wanted to cover in the book. This was followed by extensive research to ensure credible resources backed my insights.

Every day, I dedicated a certain amount of time to writing – whether early mornings or late nights didn’t matter; consistency was vital. Some days were productive, yielding content pages, while others involved more refinement than creation. Writer’s block was an occasional visitor, but stepping away and finding inspiration in other activities proved invaluable in overcoming it.

Maintaining a balance between sticking to the planned structure and allowing for spontaneous creativity was a constant endeavor throughout the writing process. I took frequent breaks to review what I had written, and feedback from a trusted group of beta readers helped me understand different perspectives and reshape content as needed.

Completing A Path to Excellence took approximately six months from the initial idea phase to the final manuscript, but it was a labor of love and commitment. Every moment spent on this book, whether in writing, revising, or even pondering upon a complex argument, brought me one step closer to my path of excellence.

What was your publishing process like? How did you publish your book and how long did it take?

So, as an author who has gone through the publishing journey, my publishing process was thorough. It started with creating a list of tasks and subtasks essential for the publication process, such as which publishing route I wanted to take: self-publishing, hybrid publishing, or traditional publishing. I chose hybrid publishing for its flexibility, having a place solution for copy editing, developmental editing, eBook and print book formatting, post-production proofreading, cover designing, copyright registration, setting a book price, and having my book distributed across many retailers. Following this roadmap facilitated streamlining the tasks and ensured a smooth transition between each stage.

Next, the process involved in maintaining a healthy balance between respecting the timeline and ensuring efficient revisions and changes was crucial throughout the self-publishing process.

The journey, from the onset of the idea to seeing the book come to life in print, spanned over a timeline of approximately a year. The intricate yet rewarding process of hybrid publishing offered absolute control over each step, and the final product was indeed a testament to this labor of love.

How do you hope your book impacts the world?

A story is told of an ancient Greek sculptor, who, when asked how he carved a beautiful horse statue from a marble slab, responded – I chipped away everything that wasn’t a horse. The analogy is fitting for the transformative journey to personal excellence. Like the artist, we must chip away at distractions, inhibitions, and limiting beliefs to attain our most significant human potential. This encapsulates the essence of my book, A Path to Excellence.

The book delves into the research and wisdom about human potential and excellence. It’s a guide for those grappling with personal and professional transformation complexities. It covers diverse aspects of life, including emotional intelligence, resilience, leadership ethics, and promoting a growth mindset.

My aim for my book is to serve as a catalyst. Individuals reading it may engage in introspection that allows them to gradually chip away at their self-limiting beliefs, paving their path to excellence. At a broader level, the collective striving for excellence could trigger a ripple effect. Communities could foster more compassionate and ethically sound practices, businesses may drive sustainability, and leaders could lay the groundwork for fair policies. A society steeped in integrity, empathy, and respect can transform the world at large.

However, the book might face criticism. Some may argue that the journey portrayed is overly simplistic, not accounting for the vast differences in individuals’ life circumstances or challenges. In response, I’d like to stress that the principles and strategies in the book are not a one-size-fits-all solution but a flexible framework. It urges readers to tailor its strategies to their unique journeys while considering their socio-cultural, economic, and personal contexts.

In summary, I trust that A Path to Excellence is a signpost in the reader’s journey toward greatness. When individuals unlock their potential, it’s not just their world that changes, but the entire world starts to change. My dream is that this book acts as the catalyst for this transformation on a global scale. It’s not merely about personal growth, but a call to elevate our collective consciousness, ushering in a world driven by excellence, compassion, and resilience.

Are there any people and/or books that have inspired you along your journey?

Throughout my journey, countless individuals have inspired me and impacted my life and work. My parents, family, friends, people I love and are loved by, as well as many coaches and mentors, each offering a unique perspective and invaluable wisdom, have guided me through challenges and celebrated my victories.

Working over 25,000 hours with clients was particularly enlightening. With their triumphs and obstacles, each client taught me something new – about resilience, determination, the capacity for change, and the human spirit’s incredible strength. These experiences fostered a deep empathy and enriched my understanding of excellence as a personal yet universally compelling pursuit.

Life itself has been a great teacher. The lessons learned from moments of joy and hardship have propelled my personal growth and professional evolution while also offering vivid, real-world insights into the principles I explore in my book.

And indeed, my journey has been greatly influenced by the books I’ve immersed myself in. Books like Dr. John DeMartini’s The Values Factor: The Secret to Creating an Inspired and Fulfilling Life and Carol Dweck’s Mindset: The New Psychology of Success enlightened me with the power of values and growth mindset. Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence influenced my understanding of emotions’ pivotal role in our journey to excellence. Also, various works by Brian Tracey, Jack Canfield, and John C. Maxwell deepened my comprehension of leadership and ethics.

My journey towards writing A Path to Excellence has been steeped in many influences. These pillars—mentors, clients, life experiences, and books—have shaped my insights and understanding, ultimately inspiring me to draw a roadmap to attaining excellence.

What’s next for you?

The horizon holds many promising ventures for me. My upcoming projects reflect an unwavering commitment to personal growth, transformative change, and global impact.

First, my new book, Climb Greater Heights, is set to launch soon. This publication is poised to provide readers with valuable personal and professional development insights, drawing from a wealth of experience and knowledge. In writing this book, I aim to enable readers to elevate their businesses and give those considering transitioning from 9 to 5 jobs start and grow purposeful and sustainable business lives and build their authority, credibility, impact, and influence.

Parallel to the book’s launch, I’m embarking on a new documentary series Into Your Divinity, an advanced Coaching and Filming experience. This unique project presents an extraordinary life and business growth experience for successful and high-achieving individuals seeking to strengthen their authority, credibility, influence, and impact. It reveals how people can leverage their divinity to reach unparalleled heights of success.

Alongside these projects, my recently launched Udemy course, “Overcoming Your Resistance to Change,” is gathering momentum, aiming to enroll no less than 100,000 eager learners. This course equips students with strategies to embrace change as a catalyst rather than a hindrance on their life journey.

In addition, my Life and Business Mastery VIP five-day training, Vital Planning for Elevated Living, is set to take center stage in various luxurious locales globally. My objective for this training is to combine growth, education, and transformation with a love for travel and adventure, aiming to attract at least 22 new highly motivated individuals who want more from themselves and life.

In a nutshell, this exciting phase is packed with opportunities for growth and transformation, both for myself and individuals worldwide. Ready for take off!

What advice would you offer fellow authors who are just getting started?

To those embarking on the thrilling journey of authorship, here’s the advice I, Tony J Selimi, would like to share:

1. **Begin with The End in Mind:** Before you start writing, you must clearly understand your book’s objective. What message do you wish to convey? Who is your target audience? How would your book help them?
2. **Embrace Authenticity:** Let your unique voice shimmer throughout your writing. The world needs your authentic perspective. It is your authenticity that will cultivate a deeper connection with your readers.
3. **Patience is Key:** Writing a book is a journey, not a sprint. It requires patience, dedication, and a commitment to the process. It’s okay to have days where words flow with ease and others when they put up a struggle. That’s part of the creative process.
4. **Getting Feedback is Invaluable:** For your work to resonate with readers, it should make sense to others besides yourself. Seek feedback from mentors, peers, or a professional editor. Constructive criticism can bolster your writing and clarify your message.
5. **Promotion is Part of the Process:** A great book deserves a broad audience. Learn the basics of book marketing or consider getting professional help. Utilize social media, blog posts, and public relations to expand your reach.
6. **Continued Learning and Adaptation:** The publishing landscape is ever-evolving. Stay informed about the industry’s latest trends, tools, and technologies. Adaption is essential to navigating this dynamic environment.
7. **Celebrate Each Milestone:** Each completed chapter, each bout of editing conquered, and every page is a milestone. Rejoice in these achievements. They all take you closer to your ultimate goal: a published author.

Remember, every bestselling author was once a beginner. Persist in your journey; you will see your dreams take shape, one word at a time.

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