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Understanding and Helping an AddictUnderstanding and Helping an Addict (and Keeping Your Sanity) by Andrew Proulx, MD
Independently published, January 23, 2021
In this book, Dr. Andrew Proulx, an addiction survivor, aims to shed light on addiction and its causes.

Recovery: Freedom from Our Addictions by Russell Brand
Henry Holt and Co.; First Edition, October 3, 2017
Comedian and actor Russell Brand shares his experiences from over ten years of recovery.

Understanding Addiction: Know Science, No Stigma by Dr. Chuck Smith and Dr. Jason Hunt
Visualize Publishing, June 19, 2021
Understanding Addiction provides the science, not opinions, on addiction, which gives readers the information they need to better understand addiction.

Addict in the Family: Support Through Loss, Hope, and Recovery by Beverly Conyers
Hazelden Publishing; 2nd edition, October 26, 2021
Dealing with an addict in the family can be trying, but this book provides information and support to help people get through it.

In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction by Gabor Maté, MD
North Atlantic Books; Illustrated edition, January 5, 2010
With many years of experience in treating addiction, Dr. Maté breaks down his findings to help increase the understanding of an often-misunderstood ailment.

The Weight of Air: A Story of the Lies about Addiction and the Truth about Recovery by David Poses
Sandra Jonas Publishing House LLC, July 6, 2021
In this inspirational memoir, David Poses pulls from his real-world experience with addiction to dispel some common myths about addiction and recovery.

The Last Stop by Patricia Street
Acorn Publishing, October 4, 2021
Using letters from her deceased son, Patricia gives readers an inside look into the life of an addict.

Unhooked: How to Help An Addicted Loved One Recover by Jason Coombs
Brick House Press, January 8, 2020
Jason Coombs, a recovered addict, wrote Unhooked to serve as a thorough guide for families dealing with addiction – something that he states his mother wishes she had when Jason was dealing with addiction.

Beyond Addiction: How Science and Kindness Help People Change by Jeffrey Foote, PhD, Carrie Wilkens, PhD, Nicole Kosanke, PhD, and Stephanie Higgs
Scribner; 1st Edition, February 18, 2014
Leading experts in addiction treatment partner to provide readers their revolutionary discoveries to increase the understanding of addiction.

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