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Essential JudaismEssential Judaism: Updated Edition: A Complete Guide to Beliefs, Customs & Rituals by George Robinson
Atria Books; Reissue edition, April 12, 2016
Essential Judaism is an all-encompassing guide that teaches readers both the basics and the more detailed aspects of Judaism.

It’s All The Same To Me: A Torah Guide To Inner Peace and Love of Life by Moshe Gersht
Spirit House, February 16, 2021
A unique take on Judaism, this book focuses on how people can use the teachings of the Torah to live a more balanced life.

Judaism For Dummies by Rabbi Ted Falcon, PhD and David Blatner
For Dummies; 2nd edition, September 11, 2019
This thorough guide covers all the basics of Judaism, including holy days, prayers, ceremonies, rituals, the history of Judaism, and much more.

The Origins of Judaism: An Archaeological-Historical Reappraisal by Yonatan Adler
Yale University Press, November 15, 2022
The Origins of Judaism analyzes ancient texts and archaeological discoveries to uncover the beginnings of Judaism and the various practices and beliefs.

Torah Tutor: A Contemporary Torah Study Guide by Rabbi Lenore Bohm
Read the Spirit Books, March 29, 2022
Leaning on decades of experience teaching abut the Torah, Rabbi Lenore Bohm provides a roadmap to effective Torah study.

The Little Encyclopedia of Jewish Culture: 101 People, Places, Things (and Foods) Every Jew Should Know by Matthew Klickstein
Rockridge Press, November 22, 2022
A handy reference guide, The Little Encyclopedia of Jewish Culture provides readers with the important Jewish details people should know.

Jewish Literacy Revised Ed: The Most Important Things to Know About the Jewish Religion, Its People, and Its History by Rabbi Joseph Telushkin
William Morrow; Revised edition, June 17, 2008
Jewish Literacy, known to be one of the most respected Jewish reference books, provides everything you need to know about Judaism, including culture, history, and everyday life.

Judaism, the Messiah and Jewish Identity by Aaron Dranoff
Independently published, May 13, 2022
This book dives into what it means to be Jewish and includes insights from early Jewish people, their beliefs on the Messiah, and more.

Judaism’s Life-Changing Ideas by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks
Maggid, August 1, 2020
Judaism’s Life-Changing Ideas is a guided prayer book and evaluation of the Jewish bible – with a focus on the profound concepts it contains.


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