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Nonfiction Book Award Status: GOLD


A light-hearted memoir about transforming an ancient church in Italy into a spectacular space worthy of an Architectural Digest “Before and After” feature. Challenges included unearthing an ossuary in the backyard, an invasion of mysterious biting bugs, and occasional visitations from a ghostly presence who smoked Marlboro Lights. The story highlights the challenges of renovating a home in a foreign country, intertwined with insights into Italian people, food, shopping, and culture.

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Author Bio

Kyle’s sense of adventure after living abroad for seven years with her family proved to be the perfect catalyst for renovating an abandoned medieval church in the heart of Chianti. A baby boomer with a background in public relations, Kyle has a long-standing passion for interior design, architecture, and all things Italian.

This is Kyle’s debut and her swan song as far as writing a book about renovating an Italian chapel.

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