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Nonfiction Book Award Status: GOLD


Aromas of Sindh is a collection of over 100 authentic vegetarian recipes from the delectable Sindhi cuisine, many of them passed down in the author’s family. Each recipe brings out the flavors of the author’s Sindhi upbringing, and the book is a sincere attempt to preserve and promote the culture and its cuisine. 

The book has five sections: Breakfast, Main, Side, Snack, and Sweet, and includes a bonus section of seven additional recipes. Each recipe is accompanied by a beautiful picture of the plated dish and a story of the author’s memories with reference to the dish. Beautifully written and uniquely styled, the book will take readers familiar with this cuisine down memory lane and offer up a tasty bit of nostalgia.

Aromas of Sindh boasts a foreword by celebrity chef Vicky Ratnani and further endorses what the book stands for.

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Author Bio

Geeta Gwalani is a keen food, art, and lifestyle enthusiast whose passion for cooking–combined with a discerning eye for aesthetics both on and off the plate–contributed to the charming styling of the recipes featured throughout the book. Geeta grew up in a truly authentic Sindhi household, and Aromas of Sindh preserves and enhances what she learned from observing her mother in the kitchen over the years.

When not cooking, Geeta plays the Sitar and dances Kathak. She is also a keen Yoga enthusiast. Aromas of Sindh is her first book.

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