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BACKSTAGE PASSCongratulations on your bronze book award!


It started with Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll and finished in a well-cut suit.

Ask anyone with a dream: The road to success can be akin to riding shotgun on the Highway to Hell, as Harvey Lee, rebel turned Vice President of Product Marketing will testify…
From modest beginnings in Northern England, to the promised land of the USA, Harvey recalls how he was forced to grab life by the horns, and embarked on a 40-year
white-knuckle ride through the business world, establishing himself as an MBA-level trained and renowned product marketer.

But it wasn’t always smooth sailing. Harvey shares how he survived and thrived in the
cut-throat music industry before joining the corporate world and launching the original Xbox.

Part business book, part personal memoir, Backstage Pass is packed with hilarious tales spanning music, video game, and technology industries. But behind the humour lay stories of grit and determination that’ll leave you invigorated, inspired, and equipped to embark on an adventure of your own making.

Regardless of your past, present, or future aspirations, this tale of personal growth, born from a passion for music, will strike a chord with anyone pursuing a dream and leave you shouting, “Encore!”

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Author Bio

During his 40-year mercurial career, Harvey Lee has established himself as one of the world’s leading product marketers, with prominent companies, products, and bands reaping the benefits of his expertise. Progressive, persistent, and pioneering, he’s helped generate billions in revenue, shattered records, and pioneered categories. He played a key role in launching the original Xbox, worked for global brand Virgin and helped rock giants AC/DC in their hour of need. Harvey’s writing has garnered millions of views and LinkedIn News Editor Choice status, while he’s frequently requested as a featured guest at esteemed events and institutions like the Kellogg School of Business. A true master of his craft, Harvey nurtures the talent of tomorrow in his role as the Vice President of Product Marketing at Product Marketing Alliance, home to the largest global community of product marketers.

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