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Nonfiction Book Award Status: GOLD


What would like to change about your life? Are you willing to begin this process by making the simple admission that you are your own savior? Your life begins by understanding you have everything to succeed in life within you. You don’t need anyone or anything to be happy and content.

In Become Your Own Savior, author Asmait Yohannes empowers women throughout the world to discover their inner superhero. She discusses how the most remarkable thing about finding your inner superhero is that once you discover it, and you know it’s there, you can never lose it. It’s time we, as women, let our inner superheroes out to play. It’s time we celebrate our own powers, and it’s time we rejoice in what we offer to the world rather than trying to find it somewhere else. It’s time women across the globe help each other unleash the superpowers within.

Yohannes encourages us to see how strong we are as women. In Become Your Own Savior, she guides us to becoming a better version of ourselves. 

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Author Bio

Asmait Yohannes is an accomplished leader, international speaker, and author who overcame challenges to realize her dream of becoming a CEO. Her path to entrepreneurial freedom began when she transitioned from a nursing career to an executive post as vice-chair in corporate health care, rising through the ranks in a competitive, male-dominated environment. Become Your Own Savior is her first book.

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