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Nonfiction Book Award - Silver Winner - 150Nonfiction Book Award Status: Silver

Author Name: Allan K. Lowe, MBA, B.Comm., C.E.T.


BETTER AS A TEAM: The 4 Pillars of Construction Team Collaboration is a practical and comprehensive book based on The 4 Pillars of Construction Team Collaboration™ model. It contains detailed information, explanations, examples, and supportive stories illustrating effective construction team collaboration practices and processes.

This proven approach provides significant benefit to construction projects and teams, resulting in lower project costs, increased profits, reduced project completion time, improved work team safety, enhanced project team morale, and much more.

Applying  The 4 Pillars of Construction Team Collaboration™  to their projects helps construction owners, architects, engineers, and contractors improve their projects and their teams from kick-off through to completion. Included is a link to the BETTER AS A TEAM website with over 30 downloadable resources, tools, and templates that are explained in this book.

BETTER AS A TEAM - PictureThe 4 Pillars of Construction Team Collaboration™ is a trademark in Canada and the U.S. to Allan Lowe Partnering & Scorecards Inc.

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Author Bio:

Allan Lowe is a recognized and respected construction professional who has experienced the construction world from the shovel to the boardroom. His construction experience includes civil project supervisor and manager, homebuilding industry manager, and involvement in projects such as industrial plants, Olympic venues, and a water line in Tanzania. He has worked with construction owners, major land developers, and consulting engineering and contracting firms.

Allan has led collaborative partnering on over 100 major construction projects. Over 2,500 construction team members, including owners, engineers, architects, contractors, and third party stakeholders have attended his workshops. Allan has written Partnering Guidelines Manuals, developed Partnering Toolkits, and has trained over 500 construction team members in construction team collaboration. He brings a unique perspective to construction team collaboration, understanding both the construction and business end of projects.

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