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Nonfiction Book Award - Bronze Winner - 150Nonfiction Book Award Status: Bronze Award

Title:  Better Dead Than Divorced: The Trial of Panayota

Author Name: Konandreas M.D., Lukas Thanasis


A romance.  A forced marriage. A scandalous affair. A hit man. A true story.

“Better dead than divorced,” responds a young, abused wife living in the confines of a traditional and isolated town… to those who urge her to divorce her controlling, manipulative husband.

A village dances; gunshots are heard; the town is divided. The court takes over.

Her cousin, a principled man, fights beyond his modest means to bring her husband, who has influence in the court system, to justice.

Better Dead Than Divorced CoverFront Cover English PanayotaBuy the book at Amazon.

Author Bio:

Lukas Konandeas M.D. one of four children, was born at Kupaki,a small mountain village in central Greece.

He finished elementary school there and high school in Athens Greece.

After graduating from the Medical School of the University of Athens, he migrated to Toronto Canada and from there he did Medical training in Chicago and Fresno California.  He practiced Emergency Medicine in Sacramento California for about 6 years and from there he moved to Connecticut, where he organized an Urgent Care Center, which he still directs after 30 years.

He is married to Georgia, a Doctor of Psychology and has two sons.

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