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Bold KindnessCongratulations on your bronze book award!


How to Create an Engaged, Empowered, Self-Led Team

Imagine a workplace where people can be themselves. Where there aren’t hierarchies or power dynamics. Where team members continuously find ways to better themselves and their work because it makes them feel excited and fulfilled. Where everyone supports each other without ego. This type of environment is not only possible; it’s the catalyst for a successful company.

Nurse Next Door President and CEO Cathy Thorpe inspires leaders to radically change their people practices and organizational culture by leading with kindness. Her leadership and culture philosophy, Bold Kindness, is based on the principle that team members perform best when they feel respected, valued and empowered. People who have the autonomy to pursue their genuine desires are more likely to feel engaged and passionate about their work, helping to create lean businesses with less overhead and greater financial growth.

Cathy’s innovative leadership approach has disrupted the home care industry and made Nurse Next Door one of the world’s fastest-growing home care companies and a globally admired brand. Her learnings will challenge you to reflect on your own leadership and organization, reframe the traditional corporate mindset and accelerate your business by putting people first.

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Author Bio

Winner of the 2024 Influential Women in Business Award via Business in Vancouver With over two decades of leadership experience, CEO Cathy Thorpe has expanded Nurse Next Door, a home care franchise for seniors, to over three hundred locations across North America, England and Australia and is currently growing the company into other global markets. She served as a senior leader of a global retail brand in Canada and Germany and built a successful consulting business coaching leaders on people practices and operational excellence.

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