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Nonfiction-Award-GoldNonfiction Book Award Status: GOLD


“Slow down. Stop multitasking. And savor this remarkable work.”
Daniel H. Pink, #1 New York Times bestselling author of When, Drive, To Sell Is Human, and The Power of Regret


How often do you finish the workday wondering “Really? Is this all there is?” Too many days are spent grinding through the to-do list. And even when it all gets done, those days feel more like a slog than a win. Something is missing

Maybe you feel change isn’t possible. Or worse yet, that it doesn’t matter much anymore. (Ouch.) But if you’re ready to finally do something different—to BE something different—the time to start making progress toward “better” is already on your calendar: it’s lunch.

With Cheryl Johnson’s playful attitude and discipline from a decade of boxing training, Box Lunch Lifestyle delivers totally doable strategies to fuel your body, reclaim your spark, and build a life that’ll make you proud. You don’t need a gym membership, a new job, or to throw out everything in your pantry to start. You just have to decide to be your own champion.

Are you ready to win back the life you deserve? Join the Box Lunch Lifestyle revolution and learn (or relearn) how to look excuses in the eye, show yourself a little mercy, and watch ordinary workdays become something quietly remarkable—one tiny-bit-rebellious lunch break at a time.

“A practical guide to help us reach toward the beautiful, kind, and remarkable world we all want to live in.”
Jonathan Fields, bestselling author of Sparked and founder of The Good Life Project

”Big dreams become reality one small step at a time. In this clever book, Cheryl Johnson shows just how to turn the midday meal into both a respite and a launch pad for achieving great things.”
Laura Vanderkam, author of What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast

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Box Lunch LifestyleAuthor Bio

Cheryl K. Johnson was a research director for nearly twenty years until boxing training gave her the courage to leave corporate life for something that felt more like her true self. Through Box Lunch Lifestyle, she now helps people realize that richer, more satisfying lives aren’t as distant as they seem.

Secretly, Cheryl loves grocery stores: small family-owned ones, national chains, co-ops, and the corner convenience store. Seeing everyday life through the lens of what food is available, and what people actually buy, fascinates her—and reinforces her disdain for weight loss programs and companies that thrive by selling non-nutritious food.

When she’s not boxing, reading, or pushing a cart, Cheryl and her husband enjoy documentary films and Indian food. They live near St. Paul, MN, in a town that Cheryl describes as a cross between Lake Wobegon and Twin Peaks.


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