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Nonfiction Book Award Status: GOLD


When teaching a child about where babies come from, it is daunting in itself, but when a gestational carrier is used, the complexity of the topic is overwhelming. This book is intended to open up the conversation with children born through surrogacy: the heartache, the joy, selUlessness of the surrogate, and the love the parents have for their children.

In Brothers Born a Month Apart: A Surrogacy Story, explore the true story of how Gavin and Logan, brothers born a month apart, came into this world.

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Author Bio

Lisa Pontzious is a mother, a word that she was unsure would ever be associated with her being. After suffering eight miscarriages, countless shots, disappointments, and heartaches, Lisa and her Uiancé turned to a gestational carrier for help to carry their child. But Lisa and her never-give-up attitude decided to try again and carry a child alongside her surrogate.

Adding another shot to her already-rigorous regimen, Lisa persevered. She is now the proud mother of her two beautiful sons who were born a month apart.


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