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CONVERSATIONS BEHIND THE KITCHEN DOORCongratulations on your silver book award!


Conversations Behind the Kitchen Door offers an insider’s look into culinary trends through the words of acclaimed and professionally recognized chefs.

Among the chefs featured in this book are many nationally known names, including Gabriel Kreuther, Antonio Bachour, Johnny Spero, Elizabeth Falkner, Edward Lee, Jose Garces, and Dan Kluger. This culinary and travel adventure takes you to the kitchens of both famous and emerging U.S. chefs, pastry chefs, and bartenders who are redefining and disrupting the culinary industry with flavor innovation and talent.

Discover the unique flavor combinations that will ignite your passion for food experimentation, and learn from the personal experiences and inspirations of these culinary masters. Gain invaluable insights into the key principles and strategies that drive their success, and see how these can be applied to any business.

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Author Bio

Born and raised in France, followed by a career in food in the U.S., Emmanuel Laroche has had access to some of the world’s best food, wine, and cocktails, and to the incredible people who created it all. A passionate gourmet, Emmanuel has moderated panels with award-winning culinary leaders such as Pierre Hermé, David Burke, Jose Garces, Willy Dufresne, and Jonathan Benno. Elizabeth Falkner, Naomi Pomeroy. Emmanuel went on to create his “flavors unknown” podcast, where for the last four years he has interviewed some of the most acclaimed chefs, pastry chefs, mixologists, and new culinary leaders in the U.S., about how they got their start, where their inspiration comes from, what their greatest challenges are, their leadership style, and much more.

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