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COWBOYS AND CONDUCTORSCongratulations on your silver book award!


Are you finding it increasingly difficult to traverse today’s complicated world? Having trouble finding your true purpose, surrounding yourself with the right people, or creating the perfect place within which to flourish personally and professionally?

You are not alone.

Listen in as a horse-whispering cowboy and orchestra conductor turned CEO share their journeys and lessons learned. Their boundless approach to extremely complex issues yielding transformative results is the essence of GREY LEADERSHIP®.

Saddle up for an epic ride through the vast terrain of humanship!

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Author Bio

After a decade-long career as an orchestra conductor, Paul Jan Zdunek brings over 20 years of C-Suite experience providing business leadership and advisory services for both for profit companies and charitable organizations. He has been a business transformation advisor, change management leader and interim executive for institutions requiring financial or organizational revitalization. Paul is often engaged by organizations needing transformational services to address financial decline, organizational inefficiencies, human capital challenges and leadership conflicts.

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