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Nonfiction Book Award Status: SILVER
Nonfiction Book Award - Silver Winner - 150


In her new book Dare to Do Nothing, five-time novelist Amy Minty branches out to create her first non-fiction book, providing a solid framework on counteracting any and every urge readers may have to become workaholics.

The author, who advocates that doing nothing enhances your life, also recounts the leap of faith she took in in her own life that expand on these beliefs. Filled with both humor and self-reflection the book shows readers how it really is possible to do as little as possible and succeed.


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Author Bio

Amy Minty is the author of five novels: For Better or Money, For Love or Sanity, For Sink or Swim, For Sex or Revenge, and her latest book, For Strip or Gamble. Amy spends her time between New York and North Palm Beach, Florida.


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