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Dear Universe, I Get It NowCongratulations on your gold book award!


Dear Universe, I Get it Now is the work of A.Y. Berthiaume, a lifelong dreamer and exuberant professional writer. This is her Inspirational story about facing challenges and peering into life’s dark corners while longing to understand her place in the word and learning to accept and love who she is.

Berthiaume reflects on her journey through a series of letters written to her pal the Universe. With each letter she sees that her path was a series of purposeful, cosmic invitations to be brave. She is asked again and again to become who she was born to be. Berthiaume tells her real-life tales in a voice that is equal parts sarcastic and tender. Her stories will make you cry, laugh, think, and nod in agreement.

For anyone questioning their purpose on this planet…who once dared to dream or still does … or who’s on the hunt to find themselves this book Is for you. These letters will re-ignite flames you thought were extinguished; empower you to see your experiences as gifts (and signs), and inspire you to own your stories.

Dear Universe, I Get it Now will beg you to consider what you need to ask the

Universe about your own journey and invite you to finally brave the path that leads straight to you. Alongside Berthiaume’s personal memoir are reflective questions, journaling prompts, and more to guide you on your way.

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Author Bio

A.Y. Berthiaume is a professional writer, native Vermonter, practicing feminist, recovering middle child, wannabe superhero, and a mom who’s pretty sure she’s “winging it”. She holds an M.F.A. in creative writing and is the Owner of The Write Place, Right Time, her virtual boutique of book coaching and ghostwriting services. Whether she’s writing for herself or her clients, Berthiaume believes in emotionally compelling, honest, and powerful stories that are told in an authentic voice, come straight from the heart, and celebrate bravery, grit, and hope. If you can catch her not doing all the things, she’s probably drinking maple lattes in a coffee shop, getting lost in a bookstore, or hanging with her husband and son.

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