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ELEARNING GOLDCongratulations on your silver book award!


In today’s world, elearning has become an essential part of education and training. To succeed, leaders must have a comprehensive understanding of how to create and deliver effective virtual learning experiences. In Elearning Gold: The Ultimate Guide for Leaders, Annette Levesque provides a roadmap for achieving excellence in virtual education and training programs.

As an experienced leader and education expert, Levesque offers practical insights and strategies to help leaders take their virtual learning program to the next level. This guidebook covers all aspects of building and launching a virtual learning environment, from creating effective policies and strategies to driving operational excellence.

Whether you’re a novice in the virtual education and training space or a seasoned expert, Elearning Gold is a must-read.

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Author Bio

Annette Levesque is a distinguished distance education expert with an extensive background in developing and implementing innovative virtual learning strategies. With a Master’s degree in distance education and a business degree, she has worked with organizations and institutions across the globe to build and re-engineer distance learning programs to standards of excellence. She is an author, researcher, innovator, and educator and continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the field of online learning. Her passion and expertise make her the go-to person for building and redesigning virtual worlds and training teachers and elearning teams.

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