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Nonfiction Book Award - Gold - 150Nonfiction Book Award Status: Gold

Author Name: James Ernest Brown


James Ernest Brown has been a general contractor for more than fifty years. He is a practical thinker and at each step along the way of the journey of research that led to Electric Ancient Egyptians he has insisted that the evidence he uncovered had to make logical sense. His interest in Egypt began in 1978, and he has traveled there photographing and documenting physical evidence to support his ground-breaking hypotheses. He has studied the 15,000 photographs that he has taken on his trips to Egypt, gaining many insights and revelations over time. Electric Ancient Egyptians has more than 460 images, mostly in color, that illustrate his points. Often, he refers to these pictures as “smoking guns.” Brown offers interpretations for objects that he believes have been incorrectly identified. The reader will come away from this book with a new understanding of the knowledge and uses of electricity possessed by the ancient Egyptians, including theElectric Ancient Egyptiansir knowledge of electricity for energetic healing. it is the author’s hope that the rediscovery of this ancient information will help modern people regain a knowledge of free and non-polluting energy.

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Author Bio:

James Ernest Brown believes the ancient Egyptians used art and hieroglyphic symbols to create a universal language that should be understood rather than deciphered. His interest in Egypt began in 1978 and he has traveled to Egypt, Stonehenge, the Coral Castle in Florida, Mayan pyramids, and Ancestral Pueblo sites in the southwest, photographing and documenting physical evident to support his ground-breaking hypothesis. Fifty years of practical experience as a commercial and residential builder inform his ideas. His radical re-visioning is an exciting read.

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