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Elsie's TuneCongratulations on your gold book award!


“She took the record out and put it on. As it started to play, she simply didn’t know if good memories would come back. Maybe bad memories would overtake them. Whichever way she felt, she just knew that it was ‘absolutely necessary’ to purely have it play.”

Elsie Ragusin started out in life with everything laid out. She was passionate about God, music, and her family. However, life would soon test her in the most unimaginable ways. She would realize that during the worst atrocities that human history has ever witnessed, she had to rely completely on her Christian faith to get by. Some days, she never ate or felt too weak to work in the concentration camps. Her mental strength in using music and the hope of getting back to her family helped her get through it in 1945. Yet, those haunting memories are what she still has to overcome. Will she use the talents that God has given her to show her present family that one can truly overcome anything? Listen and follow along with Elsie’s Tune.

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Author Bio

Hi there! I’m Jonathan Watson! Besides being a writer, I love public speaking, traveling, and long-distance running. I was president of my Toastmasters club in Bahrain. I’ve traveled to thirty-five countries and lived in three of them (the USA, England, and the Kingdom of Bahrain). I’ve run two marathons and four half-marathons. I graduated from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida, in 2009 with a degree in Political Science. I became an English and history teacher in the Kingdom of Bahrain for ten years, from 2009 to 2019. I’m in Non-Inventory at Amazon. I live with my wife and daughter in Fort Wayne, Indiana. My biggest dreams are to be a bestselling author, a very busy public speaker, and to run a marathon on all seven continents of the world.

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