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Embracing New ChinaCongratulations on your silver book award!


Embracing New China is a photography book that steps into a world where regional curtains part, allowing you to view candid images with no pretensions. Secrecy, suspicions, and unease are cast aside, revealing ordinary people refusing to be submerged under the waves of a population of 3.4 billion. Theirs is a lifetime molded by over 6,000 years of traditions, habits, and fears. One phrase often repeated, “Too many people, just too many people,” suggests futile resignation. Restraints preventing experimental “openness” have lessened, beckoning this world power to embrace the erosion of past barriers erected. Media propaganda and financial strategies have new spins perhaps foisted by demanding entertainment venues to give the people what they want. With the simple ease of page-turning, your visual experiences of Embracing New China provides riveting images, answering a fundamental question: “What do people want?” Pictures help us to gain insights and encourage us to embark on customized cultural bridge-building adventures of our own.

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Author Bio

Aaron Anthony Vessup, a.k.a. Photoman/AntonioV, is a native of Los Angeles, California, retired professor emeritus in Communications Sciences, author, poet, fine arts photographer, and award-winning foreign expert teacher in three Chinese provinces. His commitment to building cultural bridges blossomed from early childhood, teaching over 30 years in American classroom settings and televised Cultures In Focus program productions. Over fifty years of direct global contacts at home and abroad solidified him being a citizen of the world, reflected in his photography exhibitions in the United States, Guatemala, Cuba, Germany, China, and France. This author’s works have appeared in photography and travel magazines. Recent book publications are American Robot and Black in China.

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