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Emigrant Tales of the Platte River RaidsCongratulations on your bronze book award!


While the Civil War raged in the east, the Platte River Raids would begin an entirely new battle for the American West. In July of 1864, Northern Plains Indians in Idaho Territory (Wyoming) appeared to be on a warpath to cease all emigrant travel on the Bozeman, Oregon, and Overland Trails by any means. On a signal, hundreds of warriors launched a series of attacks and robberies on unsuspecting emigrants through the winding “Black Hills.” Shots rang out and arrows whizzed as miners, doctors, farmers, families, and war widows rallied their covered wagons together. Some fought to defend their stock and protect their families. Others helped bury the bodies of those who did not survive.

Read the eyewitness testimonies of nearly 70 survivors, vetted by living descendants, mapped out, annotated, and presented in one accord for the first time in literary history.

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Author Bio

Janelle Molony is a multi-award-winning nonfiction writer and historian. She is a member of the Western Writers of America, the Oregon-California Trails Association, and the National Federation of Press Women and she hosts the Wyoming Historical Socety’s Women of Wyoming: Then & Now interview series. Her books prominently feature women’s perspectives on historical events. Author Official:

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