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EMOTIONAL MAGNETISMCongratulations on your gold book award!


Winner of Seventeen Book Awards

“Communications expert Gerber powerfully lays out the importance of communication skills and how to use them effectively in this smart and sensitive work. Writing with a positive spin throughout, this slim, savvy guide offers a clear route to deep, effective improvement of communication skills.” ~ BookLife Editor’s Pick

Emotional Magnetism is communication expert, Sandy Gerber’s newest release. It is a self-help book for people who want to improve their communication and connection in their personal and professional relationships.
Have you ever felt unheard or misunderstood? Maybe your partner just doesn’t seem to get why some things are important to you. Or perhaps your boss is seemingly oblivious to half the things you’ve pointed out in the past week. You’re not alone.

In this unique and timely book, award-winning communications expert, Sandy Gerber shares how to quickly identify what you emotionally need to be happy (1 of 4 emotional magnets) and how to communicate that to the people in your life to be understood and accepted.

There are four communication motivators that magnetize our attention and motivate us to listen or act. These emotional magnets drive our choices in our relationships, career, and life with our partners, family, friends, team, customers, and strangers.

Gerber’s highly relatable stories, sage advice, easy exercises, and emotional magnets quiz, helps you to:
– Identify what blocks your communication NOW.
– Discover what you emotionally NEED to be happy.
– Learn HOW to create greater engagement with your words.
– Understand WHY the people in your life make the choices they do.

As you’ll quickly discover, when you know how to communicate what you need to be happy and respond to the emotional magnets of the people around you, you’ll magnetize your relationships. Not only will you be heard and understood, but you’ll understand what people want—and how to deliver it.

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Author Bio

Sandy Gerber is a multiple award-winning author, communications and marketing strategist, and TEDx speaker. As CEO of NEXT Marketing Agency, she set a new standard for innovative communications, growing the company from her bedroom into one of the Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies in British Columbia. Gerber’s book, Emotional Magnetism has won seventeen book awards and is currently being translated into Korean and Arabic. Her awards include the Best Indie Book Award, Independent Publishers Medal (IPPY), Living Now Book Award, Literary Titan Medal, Reader Views Medal, Reader’s Favourite, Shelf Unbound Best Indie Book, Feathered Quill, CIBA Award, Independent Press Award, Quiet Warrior Literary Prize, Businessperson of the Year, Mompreneur of the Year, and a YWCA’s Women of Distinction Finalist. She’s enlightened thousands from the speaker stage and has coached hundreds of people in effective communication. Gerber counts winning a limbo contest at 14 as one of her greatest achievements.

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