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Nonfiction Book Award Status: GOLD


Fashion generates over a trillion dollars in sales annually and has the priceless ability to beguile its customers around the world. Fashion Entrepreneurship: The Creation of the Global Fashion Business provides the first authoritative history of the global fashion industry, from its emergence to the present day, with a focus on the entrepreneurs at the nucleus of many of the world’s influential brands. It shows how successive generations of entrepreneurs built and developed their brands, democratizing access to fashion brands throughout the world.

This book analyzes the careers of the greatest fashion entrepreneurs from the nineteenth century onward, including such legendary names as Charles Worth, Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, and Giorgio Armani. It shows how this distinct form of entrepreneurship has arisen and what lessons new entrepreneurs can learn from the past to create thriving fashion businesses in today’s rapidly changing modern world.

Filled with fascinating stories from the world of fashion, as well as detailed business analysis and practical advice for people looking to create successful brands, Fashion Entrepreneurship is an essential read for students of fashion and entrepreneurship, and anyone looking to understand, and succeed in, this most glamorous of industries.

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Author Bios

Dr. Neri Karra is a fashion business consultant, speaker, and author. As a Professor of Practice in Strategy and an Entrepreneurship Expert at the University of Oxford, she consults for both emerging and established fashion designers and entrepreneurs, including the British Fashion Council and its designers. She has guest lectured for companies including Apple and Credit Suisse, as well as for prominent institutions including the London School of Economics, the Royal College of Art, the London College of Fashion, and the Conde Nast College of Fashion. A fashion entrepreneur herself, Dr. Karra is the founder of a global multimillion dollar luxury leather goods brand, which also manufactures products for leading Italian luxury labels. She holds a PhD in Management Science from the University of Cambridge and her latest book is Fashion Entrepreneurship: The Creation of the Global Fashion Business (Routledge, 2021).


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