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FINDING BOMB BOOGIECongratulations on your gold book award!


Ever wonder what your father did in World War II?

How often has it been said—my father was in World War II but didn’t want to talk about it? The sounds of silence related to personal war stories reverberated in so many veterans’ households. Families were left knowing only bits and pieces of their loved one’s war narrative. Some were left with nothing at all.

Finding Bomb Boogie is a daughter’s search to discover her father’s war history long after he is gone. “Lest we forget.”

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Author Bio

Maureen is a retired registered nurse specializing in adult critical care, neonatal critical care, and administrative nursing. She became a World War II history buff after she retired and had the opportunity to research her father’s war story. Maureen lives with her husband in San Francisco and spends most of her time traveling between Lake Tahoe and Sonoma County. She and her husband have two grown children and two grandsons, whom Maureen buys model airplanes for—mostly B-17s—every chance she gets. This is her first book. She is working on a second book about World War II prisoners of war.

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