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Nonfiction Book Award Status: GOLD


Seeking a sacred place where you can encounter God, a place where blessings and strength abound? The Lord’s Supper can be such a place.

Food for the Journey focuses on the rich meanings woven into the ancient tapestry of the Lord’s Supper. Meanings Christians in the first century knew so well but about which we today know so little.

This meal is our touchstone, our reminder of God’s gracious love. More than wine and bread, the Lord’s Supper is an oasis, a sacred time spent with Jesus at the Table.

Those moments of absorbing Christ into the marrow of one’s life caused devout people over the centuries to see the Supper as the most essential food for life’s journey.

No matter where you are on your walk with God, these meditations will

  • Draw you closer to the heart of God
  • Make Communion more meaningful
  • Provide strength for the journey ahead.

Written conversationally, the author enriches Food for the Journey with insights gleaned from cultures around the world.

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Author Bio

Dr. Bob Waldron became a Christian while on a premed university scholarship. Committing to sharing God’s love full time, he changed his studies to Bible and biblical Greek and never looked back. He later earned his M.A. and doctorate in world missions and cross-cultural communication. Bob spent 50 years ministering in more than 30 countries as a preacher, missionary, and leader of innovative missionary organizations. His desire to make the Lord’s Supper more meaningful for others led him to write this book. Bob and his wife live in Texas where they write, teach, and enjoy their family.

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