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From the Root to the FruitCongratulations on your silver book award!


Are you ready to move from a place of complacency to greatness? The truth is, everyone can achieve greatness if he or she is willing to exchange the zone of comfort with that of discomfort. In order to achieve something that you don’t have , you have to be willing to give up something that you have.

From the Root to the Fruit: Rising Above Adversities is a life changing memoir that will push you to achieve your goals despite the numerous adversities that you are faced with. It outlines how ones grassroots upbringing or encounters can set the stage for future success if he or she trains the mind to see good in every dismal situation. This book documents my journey from nothing to something, struggles to triumphs. It highlights the fact that one’s adversities do not have to be his or her doom, but can be used as steppingstones to discover greater purpose and fulfilment in life. This book promises to take readers from a place of complacency to fulfilling their God- given purposes as well as push them beyond their ordinary limits.

Do you want to triumph over your psychological, generational, mental and emotion barriers or adversities? In this memoir, you will learn practical measures that will help you to:

 Turn your limes and sour tamarind into limeade and tamarind balls.

 Develop a positive mindset even when inundated with countless adversities and negativities.

 Use education as an escape route from your adversities.

 Develop that self-drive to activate all your dormant skills and potentials.

 Feel motivated, recharged and empowered to fulfil your purpose in life.

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Author Bio

Shanae Cooper-Robinson is a generativity strategist, an award winning poet and speaker , best-selling author, trained teacher mentor, and executive member of the Mentor’s Association of Jamaica. Shanae is a graduate of the Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota . Her first book written, From the Root to the Fruit : Rising Above Adversities, was used for Jamaica Day 2023.

Learn more about the Nonfiction Book Awards here.

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