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Nonfiction-Award-GoldNonfiction Book Award Status: GOLD


A mysterious letter shows up from an old college boyfriend throwing Meryl’s life into turmoil. When a local rabbi warns her that her ex, David, has been brainwashed into a cult, Meryl is pulled into the mystical world of religious Judaism in a way that her stubbornly atheist self would never have expected. Once a free-spirited Grinnell College grad living a hippie life in Berkeley, California, she now finds herself in Israel on a rescue mission to bring him home. To accomplish her mission, Meryl must come face to face with her heritage and her own beliefs about God and the universe while struggling with the powerful pulling of her heartstrings and her hope of building a life together with the man who she has always believed to be her soulmate.

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God Said WhatAuthor Bio

Miriam Racquel (Meryl) Feldman is a wife, mom, somatic healer, relationship coach, and writer. She helps empower women to trust the wisdom of their bodies, emotions, and souls as well as blogging about the mystical happenings of an ever-changing world. She once got her kicks from rehabilitating seals in California and now leads an adventurous life raising a bunch of kids along with her husband. If you meet her, be prepared to take part in philosophical discussions about the healing of humankind and the transformation of the world into a place of peace. Discover more at and


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