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HARMONY AT WORKCongratulations on your silver book award!


Does discord in the workplace get you down? Discover eye-opening insights into easing stress while managing professional connections.

Struggling to deal with diverse personalities? Is your boss a micromanaging nightmare? Does “collaboration” really mean you’re handling the entire project? With an MA in psychology, Susan Spero–author, leadership consultant, and executive coach–has spent over three decades transforming off-key companies into bastions of melodic efficiency. Now she’s here to share her innovative approaches to ending cacophony in the office while fostering a sense of community and cooperation.

Harmony at Work: Keys to Tune Up Your Work Relationships is an enlightening and straightforward guide, designed to integrate prior knowledge with fresh perspectives. Featuring a chorus of stories from real-life leaders, illustrations from personal experience, and practical techniques, Spero kicks tedium to the curb and drives home a crescendo of points in this lively read. By implementing these lessons, anyone from individual contributors to senior corporate executives will soon be conductors of an efficient and productive choir.

In Harmony at Work, you’ll find:
-Six stages of relationship evolution so that you keep negotiations humming along with ease
-Exercises to help you apply newly learned tools to current situations and jumpstart gains
-Relatable examples that you will nod and smile at even as you master more complex interactions
-Ways to see so-called difficult people in a new light so you can help all parties thrive
-Tips for applying updated skills to life outside the cubicle and at home
-Methods to build greater confidence, humorous anecdotes, and much more!

Harmony at Work: Keys to Tune Up Your Work Relationship is your ideal resource for going from being tone deaf to becoming a maestro of your domain. If you like uniquely delivered advice, digging into what makes humans tick, and having fun while learning, then you’ll love Susan Spero’s transformative handbook.

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Author Bio

Susan Spero is a seasoned organizational consultant who specializes in executive coaching, leadership training, conflict resolution, and strategic planning. Her work with diverse client organizations has shown her that if people can not create and maintain healthy relationships, it is difficult, if not impossible, for them to be productive and fulfilled. As the leader of a community choir for over thirty years, she saw the similarities between choir members learning to sing in tune with each other and team members trying to work together harmoniously in their careers. Harmony at Work: Keys to Tune Up Your Work Relationships, uses music as a metaphor to describe how interactions develop and thrive.

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