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Nonfiction Book Award - Bronze Winner - 150Nonfiction Book Award Status: Bronze Award

Title: Heaven Has No Regrets

Author Name: Tessa Shaffer

Heaven Has No RegretsSynopsis

*Based on a TRUE STORY* Faith and Makenzie weren’t just cousins, they were best friends. And no matter what life threw at them, no matter what they lost, they would always have each other . . . until Faith got sick, and time was like its own disease. Hear each girl’s struggle and survival from their own point of view as they tell their story of life, love, and letting go. Walk with the narrator as she moves through an unwanted end, to a new beginning. Keep moving through the emotional journey to find hope, find healing, and find out why Heaven Has No Regrets.

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Author Bio:

TESSA SHAFFER is a writer and an Entrepreneur, operating her self-owned business Moonstone Creations where she creates jewelry and accessories “For All of Life’s New Beginnings’.  Her jewelry has attended red carpet events via The Artisan Group and her “Infinite Peace” necklace has been featured on several episodes of Hallmark Channel’s Cedar Cove.  Along with her jewelry business and her writing she enjoys traveling and dreaming of the future.  Shaffer is a Reiki practitioner working towards becoming a Reiki Master and looks forward to her continued journey of healing.

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