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Nonfiction Book Award Status: SILVER
Nonfiction Book Award - Silver Winner - 150


The good news is this: attending a death is a very special form of intimacy, an enormous act of love and caring. No one is better able than you to provide comfort care to your loved one. You will never regret being there.

Enter into the world of hospice: mysterious and challenging. Experience moving stories of others going through the same process. Grow in your own confidence as a caregiver as Katherine Cullen shares her journey as she learns to counsel the dying.  

A Memoir for the Current Times
Katherine faces her anxieties about death with courage, never shortchanging those who depend on her for strength, support, and emotional comfort. This challenging time in her life leads her on a spiritual journey, finding comfort and peace at long last. You will find it an interesting book–touching and helpful.

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Author Bio

Katherine Cullen grew up during the 1950’s, in Colorado, part of a large, loving family. The family spent time together hiking, camping and skiing in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Katherine describes herself as a sensitive child, the youngest in a family of five. She has always cared a great deal about others, especially those who seemed troubled. True stories of life struggles and triumphs fascinated her from an early age. This led her to pursue social work as a career.

Katherine writes, “I decided to write Honest Endings several years after I worked as a social worker at a hospice agency. The experience had stirred deep emotions within me, and I needed to process them. I started journaling, and crying. As I wrote, I realized that my experience might be helpful to others: families who have walked through the death of a loved one, other helping professionals and those who have had experience with taxing jobs. I know I learn best from others sharing their own experience with me, so I decided to share mine. I hope you find it helpful as you face some of your big life challenges.”

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