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Nonfiction Book Award - Gold - 150Nonfiction Book Award Status: Gold

Author Name: Shirley Alarie


“Colleen Adams is saving lives.” – Todd Bass, Miami Dade State Attorney’s Office

A raw and emotional account of one woman’s dream to offer a path out of poverty and crime, proving that one drop, even in the ocean, creates an expanding ripple.

Imagine a world where children’s role models are drug addicts and criminals. Where attending funerals of their friends seems as commonplace as hanging out at the mall and taking out the trash might result in being shot to death. Where electricity and functional plumbing aren’t guaranteed.

Is this some war-torn country or maybe a struggling third world nation? No. Such is the life of poverty-stricken inner city AMERICA.

By stark contrast, Colleen Adams hailed from the racially segregated south in the 1940’s and climbed her way to the elite end of the social scale. But after accomplishing hollow success as a fashion and publishing marketing executive, Colleen heeded her life’s calling to tackle the hopelessness and despair of disenfranchised inner-city young men.

But could one person provide the means for youth from the most crime-ridden and poverty-stricken neighborhoods to actually achieve the American Dream?

With incredible insight and determination, Colleen carved an innovative path of hope by establishing Empowered Youth USA, but was ultimately forced to choose between the young men she had come to love and the financial security of her lucrative career. Would she turn her back on the boys?

Hope in the Hood is the inspiring true story of one woman’s improbable dream to offer a brighter future for struggling inner city young men. Author Shirley Alarie conveys the raw and emotional struggles and successes through the voices of the young men, and the magic as seen through their mentors and judicial system experts.

Hope in the Hood˃˃˃ Accolades from Criminal Justice Experts

Valuable judicial insight is provided by criminal justice experts Carlos Martinez, Chief Public Defender, Miami-Dade County; Todd Bass, Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office: Juvenile Division; and Marie Osborne, Chief Assistant Public Defender.

˃˃˃ Foreword by Dave Lawrence, Jr.

Insightful foreword contributed by nationally recognized children’s advocate and retired Miami Herald publisher.

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Author Bio:

Shirley Alarie’s breast cancer journey sparked her LEMONS TO LEMONADE series of real-life inspirational adult and children’s books. Alarie’s work tackles incredible, misunderstood, and inspirational topics to bring light and hope into a world deluged with negativity. Learn more at

Her memoir, Losing the Girls, is the first installment, followed by A Healing Haven – Saving Horses and Humans at RVR Horse Rescue. A Healing Haven is an amazing testament to the healing power of love and it shines a spotlight on a worthy organization pulling out all the stops to save equines in need. Hope in the Hood – A U-turn Out of Inner City Poverty and Crime with Empowered Youth USA is the third installment and conveys the raw and inspiring truth about inner city struggles and offers hope for a way to rise above crime and poverty. In 2016, Alarie launched her children’s book series about real-life Dominick the donkey. The 2-part series is based on actual people, animals, and events at RVR Horse Rescue. A New Home for Dominick and A New Family for Dominick follow Dominick from his rescue through adoption. Young animal advocates and their parents find themselves cheering for a sweet little donkey.

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