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How Obamacare Is Unsustainable: Why We Need a Single Payer Solution for All Americans

Author Name: John Geyman, M.D.

How Obamacare is Unsustainable
This is the first book to take an evidence-based approach to assessment of the good and bad about this signature domestic legislation of the Obama presidency after five years of experience. The evidence already shows that the three major aims of the ACA—to provide near-universal access to health care, to contain costs and make health care affordable, and to improve the quality of U.S. health care—are not being met. Evidence and experience show that the ACA’s approach to health care reform will not work. As it fails, the big question is what next? The case is made—on economic, social and moral grounds— that a single-payer improved Medicare for all system will meet the on- going goals of reform. This book explains how all Americans can gain universal access to comprehensive health care, paying less than we do now, with more value and less bureaucracy.

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