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I am Mentally WellCongratulations on your silver book award!


I Am Mentally Well is not just a book; it’s a transformative journey, a guide penned by renowned author, mental wellness specialist, and advocate Tarrent ‘Authur’ Henry. This empowering masterpiece invites you to explore the depths of self-discovery, accept the beauty within, foster growth, and embody resilience in the face of life’s challenges.

As you navigate through the pages, you’ll encounter the unwavering support and abundant resources that surround you, contributing to your holistic well-being. Tarrent ‘Authur’ Henry’s words resonate with divine wisdom as the Holy Spirit weaves spiritual insights into the narrative, offering a profound connection to God throughout your mental wellness journey.

I Am Mentally Well is more than a guide; it’s a companion on your path to healing and self-realization. Join the chorus of those who declare their mental well-being with confidence and let this anthem echo through your life, bringing harmony, healing, and a renewed sense of purpose.

This book is an affirmation, a celebration of the strength within, and an ode to the resilience of the human spirit. Open its pages, embrace the transformative journey it offers, and declare your truth – “I am mentally well.”

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Author Bio

Meet Tarrent-Arthur Henry who writes as Tarrent ‘Authur’ Henry, a distinguished author, mental wellness specialist, and advocate known for his acclaimed work, The Greatest Truth In The Universe. His latest masterpiece, I Am Mentally Well, is a transformative guide exploring self-discovery, acceptance, growth, and resilience. Tarrent ‘Authur’ brings a wealth of expertise as a best-selling author, poet, pastor, and certified coach. Recognized by ForbesBLK and honored as a Top Icon Personality by Hoinser Magazine in 2024, he stands as a beacon of influence in mental wellness. As the founder of Righteous Uplifting Nourishing International, Inc., he is dedicated to making a positive impact globally. Join Tarrent ‘Authur’ Henry on a journey of strength, resilience, and holistic well-being. Explore to connect with the author and discover the transformative power of his works.

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