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IN SEARCH OF MR. DARCYCongratulations on your silver book award!


Prince Charming? Happily Ever After? Childhood Fairy Tales are Full of Promises, but the Reality – Life – is a Very Different Story. And That Story Has a Hell of a Lot To Teach Us.

Writing with searing honesty, wry humour and endless warmth, Christina Ford takes us on a real-life Sex and the City-like journey as she looks back on four decades of dates, loves, marriages, friends, frenemies, affairs, divorces, parenting disasters and step-parenting nightmares. Bravely and candidly, she shares heartrending details of the betrayal and hurt caused by the end of her marriage, shows how she overcame her fears about starting again and lets us in on the secret of the perfectly timed fling that was more effective than years of therapy. Together, these intimate insights show exactly how such experiences and their lessons came to define the woman she is today.

In Search of Mr Darcy is for anyone who has ever wondered if there is life after divorce, if there is sex after 40, or if they will ever find love again. Hearts get broken, and even life’s best-planned journeys can drop you somewhere unexpected, leading you to ask yourself, ‘How did I get here? And, more importantly, who can I blame?’ But Christina Ford is here to tell you that is exactly where the real adventure begins.

This book will help you redefine love, womanhood, and what it means to come of age … middle age.

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Author Bio

A Little About Me…Christina Ford In 2016 I followed a man, my handsome fiancé, my lover of ten years, across the ocean to pursue the fairytale dream of happily ever after. He, I believed, was my modern day Prince Charming, or put into literary terms, my Mr Darcy. Before moving continents I actually had a pretty exciting life. I had a successful career as an Executive Producer and Owner of Imported Artists Film Co. I founded it in 1991, and over its 25 years, Imported Artists became one of Canada’s largest and most prominent production companies. We produced thousands of television commercials worldwide and won countless awards, including Cannes Lions, Clios, Bessies, Marketing Awards and a Gemini (Canada’s equivalent of the Emmy’s) for Best Dramatic Short for, The Dane. I also had the great honour of opening the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) with my feature film, Genie Award-winning, Fugitive Pieces, adapted from the award-winning novel by Anne Michaels. Other humble brags- Recipient of the prestigious Women In Film and Television’s Crystal Award for Excellence in Production. I was one of only 8 women listed in Marketing Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People In Canadian Communications (I was 35 years old). After a year or so in London, and recognizing I needed a life, I started writing a fun, light, lifestyle blog called A Broad In London, A North American’s Guide To Thriving, Surviving and Living In London. Here I explored London and beyond as I wrote about things like how to cross the street without dying or London’s most Instagrammed places (FYI, number 1 was Tower Bridge). I am the proud mother of two daughters, Samantha, a fabulous young filmmaker and Charlotte, a model and Social Influencer who gets more views by brushing her eyebrows with a toothbrush than most BBC programming. Isn’t life interesting?

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