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Nonfiction Book Award Status: Gold

Nonfiction Book Award - Gold - 150


Kem Weber (1889—1960), a well-known mid-century architect, was part of the distinctive West Coast modernism movement that helped shaped the relaxed California lifestyle. He influenced California style during the mid-twentieth century with building architecture, interior designs and furniture, including his famed Air Line chair, which is part of many museum furniture collections. As chief designer for the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank in 1939, Kem Weber also designed the specialized animation furniture that went into the then new studio complex. The Disney animation furniture, which has been lauded in recent years, was designed for specific animation disciplines with input from the artists who would be using it. It was all part of Walt Disney’s desire to create an efficient utopian campus for animated film production.

This book is a comprehensive overview of the Kem Weber designed animation furniture for the Disney Studios that takes the reader on a journey from concept sketches and photos to interviews with legendary artists. David A. Bossert celebrates and details the form and function of this unique mid-century furniture and the impact it had on the Disney artists and animation process over the decades.

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Author Bio:

David A. Bossert is an award-winning artist, filmmaker, and author. He is a 32-year veteran of The Walt Disney Company and is an independent producer, creative director, and writer. Bossert is a historian and authority on Disney, art and animation history. He is a member of the CalArts Board of Trustees and is a visiting scholar at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) in Pittsburgh. Bossert is the author of dozens of articles and eight books. His latest books are Kem Weber: The Mid-Century Furniture Designs for the Disney Studios (The Old Mill Press, 2018) and Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas: Visual Companion (Disney Editions, 2020). Learn more at

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