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Nonfiction-Award-GoldNonfiction Book Award Status: GOLD


On her way home from a national dog competition, Susan gets the call telling her that her son, Kevin, has died. With a new reality to navigate and no directions, Susan seeks solace in her Golden Retrievers Manny and Tripp, who demonstrate the power of presence and unconditional love. They journey alongside her as Susan untangles the complicated emotions attached to the stigma of how Kevin died and witness the extraordinary connection she nurtures with him across the veil. This inspiring memoir will speak to anyone who is learning to live with the unfixable, and readers will discover that life after loss can include hope, peace, and purpose. 

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Life After KevinAuthor Bio

Susan Lynch is a former competitive dog trainer who has been training, competing and volunteering with her Golden Retrievers since 1995. She founded Life with Rune, a Facebook group that hosts hundreds of free training videos and socializing techniques that she recorded with her own puppies. In 2021, she was awarded the Lifetime Achievement award by the Golden Retriever Club of America for her dedication to educate new puppy owners. Her memoir, Life After Kevin; A Mother’s Search for Peace and the Golden Retrievers that Led the Way, is available on Amazon and Learn more about the author at



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