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MY TEMPER TAMING WORKBOOKCongratulations on your gold book award!


As a mental healthcare provider, I have used many different bibliotherapy resources over the years. Most of the time, these resources are targeted at the adult/ parent or strictly for the child. What the industry forgets is families are connected systems and one cannot ask a family member to change without helping the entire system. I wanted to create a resource that not only provided the fun and engaging activity- based workbook for the child, but also the parenting strategies book for the adult helper. This way, the entire family can learn and grow together.

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Author Bio

Dustin Wright is a licensed professional counselor who has helped families overcome barriers for nearly fifteen years. He has spent time working in numerous therapeutic settings. He worked with “at risk” youth as an intensive in-home clinician. He worked with the general population as a community outpatient clinician and spent seven years working as a crisis counselor in Emergency Services. Dustin has been quoted saying, “If you can help someone through a crisis, you can help them through anything”. For the past five years, he has been running his own private practice, lectured at universities, led non-profits, trained helping professionals, and partnered with different state, national and international behavioral health organizations. He was named the Virginia Behavioral Health Provider of the Year in 2017 and the International Behavioral Health Professional of the Year in 2018. The News Leader, a product of USA Today, wrote an article covering Dustin’s career titled, “An Innovator on Intervention”. This title is serendipitous as it fully captures the essences of the resources he provides here at Happy Hobble Books; truly innovative.

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