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NEUROMINEDCongratulations on your bronze book award!


Are advances in technology working for us or against us?

When our phones become our keys to access everything, will our lives be more convenient or more at the mercy of whoever can hack into our devices? Will self-driving cars help us maximize our time and get to our destination safely, or will they erode the autonomy and freedom we feel when we drive ourselves? What happens if the government, in the name of public health, gains access to the data in our handy fitness trackers and uses it to reward or limit us?

In Neuromined, data sovereignty advocate Robert Edward Grant and prolific technology author Michael Ashley team up to explore significant questions such as these. Each chapter imagines a near-future surveillance dystopia through a riveting fictional tale and provides a companion analysis connecting the story to our present reality. Entertaining and provoking, this book shows readers how the technology that has promised a lifetime of convenience has also constrained a public’s individual options and agency.

But all hope is not lost. Neuromined, at its core, demonstrates how technology, when viewed through a different ethos and used by a conscientious public, can instead provide greater autonomy and greater access to liberation.

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Author Bio

Robert Grant holds a BA from Brigham Young University and an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management. He was formerly CEO and president of Bausch and Lomb Surgical. Robert is the founder, chairman, and managing partner of Strathspey Crown LLC, a growth equity holding company with a broad portfolio of company and asset holdings spanning healthcare, clean energy, social media, and financial technology. In addition, he is the founder, chairman, and CEO of Crown Sterling Limited LLC, a next-generation cryptography company based on novel discoveries in geometry and mathematics. He is also an accomplished artist and musician. He is the coauthor (with Dr. Talal Ghannam) of Philomath, a unique book that unifies various scientific and artistic disciplines through numbers and geometry.

Michael Ashley is a former Disney screenwriter and the author of more than thirty-five books on numerous subjects. He coauthored Own the A.I. Revolution, which launched at the United Nations and was named by Soundview as one of 2019’s top business books. A columnist for Forbes and Becker’s Hospital Review, Michael serves as a member of City AI, an organization enabling the responsible development and application of artificial intelligence. An in-demand keynoter, he is also an official speaker for Vistage. Michael taught screenwriting as a professor at Chapman University. His writing has been featured on KTLA and Fox Sports Radio and in Entertainment Weekly, HuffPost, Newsbase, Fast Company, the National Examiner, the United Nation’s ITU News Magazine, the Orange County Business Journal, and the Orange County Register.

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