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Nonfiction Book Award Status: GOLD


Next Stage explores and eases the life transition, offering the reader both the wisdom of those who have gone before and concrete resources for navigating this unique time of life – “retirement”. After conducting dozens of in-depth interviews and summarizing relevant research, author Tom Wilson addresses the five critical and timeless questions every retiree faces at this moment, like “What will I do with my time?” “Will I have enough money?” “How do I stay healthy?” and much more. Tom hopes this book becomes an important resource, with its research information, stories, and worksheets, to those facing or living in their Next Stage.

Kirkus Review, a nationally known reviewer of books that enter the market, said this about Wilson’s book:In this well-researched, intelligently written book, Wilson suggests to retirees, ‘This is the only time left where you will be able to make choices about where, how, who and why you want to live your life.’ … Wilson is keenly aware that retirement can create anxiety and uncertainty; his writing exudes sensitivity and understanding, and he is realistic yet encouraging in his wise counsel.”

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Author Bio

As a nationally recognized author and management consultant, Tom Wilson is a master problem-solver, synthesizer, and communicator. Tom’s career has focused on researching complex information and making it understandable and actionable. He is the author of three business books (e.g., Innovative Reward Systems, McGraw Hill, 1994) and over 30 articles and book chapters, and has presented to conferences and webinars around the world. He is the Founder and Principal of Wilson Group, a consulting firm focused on performance and total reward systems. He was a Partner with Hay Management Consultants, and Director with the Forum Corporation and with Bankers Trust Company. He has an MBA from Vanderbilt Owen School of Business and a Bachelor’s from Southern Methodist University. He lives with his wife and dog, Ollie, in Concord, Massachusetts.


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