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Nonfiction-Award-GoldNonfiction Book Award Status: GOLD


With candor, grace and humor, Greta Muller teaches you how to tap into your greatest gifts and talent to channel the best parts of you into a presence that is personal, powerful and genuine. 

Opening Your Presence is written for the non-professional speaker who can’t afford to leave a bad impression. When you open your presence you learn to:

  • Clear away your fears and misconceptions
  • Prepare for your encounter
  • Craft your message
  • Utilize the tools at your disposal
  • Present with confidence

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Opening your PresenceAuthor Bio

GRETA MULLER has worked as a coach and consultant for over 24 years to empower professional and non-professional speakers in commanding the room through authentic presence, messaging strategies, and the transformation of information into captivating stories. She has developed a unique methodology, which she crafts to the position, industry, and project mission of her diverse clientele. Greta had an extensive career as spokeswoman and actor in television, film, and stage, before moving behind the cameras to serve as Talent Coach for television news, weather, and sports anchors. She then transitioned to the corporate realm, empowering clients through imaginative solutions, also offering script development and speech writing.

Greta’s 2014 book Opening Your Presence was translated, and published in Greek and Chinese. She has now expanded this work to embrace the unique challenges of virtual communications in the current hybrid work environment. She has published several articles and continues to write, speak, and conduct workshops, exploring the powers of bold authenticity, accountability and most recently, happier on-line dating for seniors


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