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Nonfiction Book Award Status: GOLD


Smith’s memoir, Out Of The Fog!: A Story of Survival, Faith and Courage, describes how marital discord, alcoholism and recovery led her to a solo seven-year sailing adventure in the Pacific. At 43, she bought a 35-foot sailboat and taught herself to sail. With eight years of sobriety tucked into her lifejacket, she navigated over 4,000 miles mostly alone, sometimes with her rebellious teenaged daughter, using only a compass, a chart and a prayer. Says Smith, “At times, this spiritual odyssey provided incredible tranquility, at other times, it was terrifying.”

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Author Bio

Sandra CH Smith draws from her many exciting worldwide careers and sometimes perilous adventures to share with readers her amazing life filled with healing, courage and hope. Her inspirational path to sobriety led her to tradea life of luxury for one of sober butpainfulpoverty, and slowly, she rebuilds her life.

Smith says she has adventure in her DNA and her latest book proves it. The 2,555 days she spent mostly solo sailing in the Pacific rooted in her an unshakeable fearlessness and she continues to embrace the joys of being a strong, independent and courageous woman. She now lives in Arizona’s High Sonoran Desert and when not writing, spends her days creating exotic recipes and her nights stargazing.


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