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Nonfiction Book Award Status: GOLD


Note from the author: Peace Dreamer: A Journey of Hope in Bad Times and Good was written from the part of my soul that believes in the goodness of people. I have faith that we can heal our divisions and prejudices by listening to each other and shifting our minds and hearts from fear to love. I am here to feed your inner spirit with hope, grand dreams, idealism and optimism and to encourage you to never give up on yourself or on the world, no matter how messy life becomes. The dream for inner peace and peace in our world begins as a thought, an intention, a hope, and a small or big action step. As you answer the soul-searchingquestions, “Who am I and what kind of world do I want to leave behind,” the transformational healing tools in Peace Dreamer will keep your flame of hope burning bright in both bad times and good. 

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Author Bio

Cheryl Melody Baskin is an award-winning author, musician, motivational speaker, peace and spirituality educator, intuitive life coach, facilitator and moderator of the FB community, Shift of Heart, and sound healer. 

Her books and plays include Peace Dreamer: A Journey of Hope in Bad Times and Good, Heart-Dreamer: Stepping into Life, Love, Creativity and Dreams – No Matter What (First Edition, 2019; Second Edition, 2021), Shift of Heart: Paths to Healing and Love, and “Peace Begins with You and Me – A Musical Play with Life-Changing Messages for Every Generation.”

As a musician, she is a performing artist and has nine award-winning albums with positive messages for both adults and children. She is also the founder, moderator and intuitive life coach of Shift of Heart, a large and inclusive Facebook community of peace, love, support and hope. 

Melody enjoys a balance of quiet contemplation, meaningful social interaction, dreaming new dreams, and the healing power of nature. She is also a strong believer in peace, diversity celebration, listening to life’s wisdom whispers, trusting in the magical mystery of the unknown, healing from inside-out, and walking the path of love. She was recently honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award from The Visioneers International Network.


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