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Nonfiction Book Award Status: Silver Award

Nonfiction Book Award

Real, Honest Sailing With a Great Lakes CaptainTitle:
Real, Honest Sailing With a Great Lakes Captain

Climb aboard and find out what it’s like to be the captain of a broad-shouldered ship on the Great Lakes today. It’s brawn measured in tons. It’s brains, as you handle a crew and computers. It’s strength in thousands of horsepower. It’s spectacle. It’s lore. It’s schedules. It’s plotting courses. It’s wind. It’s ice. It’s being on call 24/7 for weeks on end. It’s being away. It’s all that and more for Captain Gary W. Schmidt, veteran master of a muscular vessel with sweet moves. Here’s your access to real, honest sailing.

Author Bios:
Captain Gary Schmidt grew up in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, where ships large and small are built. Gary has been sailing for more than 40 years and has been a captain for most of those years.

Warren Gerds grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is a critic for WFRV-TV in Green Bay. For 45 years prior to WFRV, Warren wrote and edited stories for the Green Bay Press-Gazette daily newspaper, 35 years as a critic at large. He has three other books.

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